This Damn Flood

So recently it has been raining a lot. Almost a week now and they are starting to close roads. School has gotten called off twice now. And Eureka had off on monday as well. My grandparents have lived on the meramec river for the past 10 or so years now. They have been through 4 […]

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In about a three months i will leave for college. Which is terrifying to me. Not so much the being alone and away from my parents. But mostly having to be responsible for myself. And having to like actually grow up and keep myself in check. That part is the one part that scares me […]

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I Wish

I know it seems like a bit much. But in life there are so many things that have no chance of ever happening and that is really disappointing. So i have decided that listing the things that are not possible will maybe help me realize that i need to be more grateful for what we […]

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Im a 90’s baby?

I wish that I could have lived through the time when my parents did. The 60’s and 70’s have always interested me a lot for some reason. And the only real concept i have of the 70’s is from the show. Which is probably not a great reference for it. Anyways, for some reason these […]

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Senior year

At this point in the night, this is me just rambling on about school and all sorts of other stuff. But actually a serious topic that’s pretty much the same as my last blog. Senioritis. It is soooooo bad. My goal to not take any of my second semester finals have definitely been failed. And […]

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Still Procrastinating 

Ok sooooo I should have definitely posted these sooner than the night before they are due. But I am currently in my bed typing as fast as I can in hopes to finish all of them. I am so disappointed in my self for procrastinating this much again. It is honestly a really bad problem […]

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Rip Hardee’s Ice Plex

On Friday March 24th, The ice rink I called home for the last 14 years, is closing. For me it is not really a huge deal. It sucks to see a place i have know for so long to go. However it is even worse for the kids that are still playing there. There is […]

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